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Download Tweakware V3.3 And Enjoy Stable And Fast Connection On Glo 0.0K Free Browsing For August

jamaica230 02.August.2016
Hello Guys, Last week The Castsport team Released a new Version of Tweakware with Glo 0.0K embedded on it, it was posted on this blog, though We all used it but it is nor Stable at all, and that is the reason why so many of us could not use it on tweakware, but today, Am Happy to tell you guys that They have Responded quickly to our complaints and have updated and released another version of tweak ware V3.3 with More fast, and Stable Connection.

Where To Download It?

==> Download the latest Version here. All settings Remains the Same.


mtnbonushelpdesk 28.March.2017
Are you an MTN subscriber? CONGRAT!! We just get the latest Cheat and it rocks like mad!! No be my
papa money, I no go fit hide the secret!!! Have you also
got urs? People have been thanking us!!!
Wow!!! MTN IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN. I have been using this new MTN tweak for about 5 days now…
I have #48600 on my balance right now…let me share this tweak with you guys..All you need is an MTN 200,
500 or 1000 naira card which ever one you like but please don’t use 1500 ..
Then Go to your message menu and
Type a message in this format
*the card serial number *the recharge card pin *131. Send it
to the IDMF MTN secret no below
NOTE: it is an MTN secret IDMF number…after you have sent it,
the IDMF number will reply with a message saying
“Your IDMF authenticated ID is **** (A 4 digit pin) e.g 1234…….after receiving the message then load
the recharge card by dialing *555*131*your authenticiated ID#.
You will see that your account balance will be credited
with #2000 naira instead of #200.
#5000 instead of 500 and
#10000 instead of 1000 Hurry up and get urs from them…….Do it as quick as u can before they block it…
N.B Please wait for ur 4 digit pin before loading the card.
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